as part of my overachiever year/discipleship program/work-life-balance training/develop a coherent worldview/gradschool-internship-host family-volunteer-mentor-service-retreat fellows year last year, we had to come up with a list of a few governing values. mine were a short list that attempted to reflect things that are important to me, reasons i make decisions, etc. here are a few: the Kingdom of God, relationships, understanding causes, space & rest, communication & expression, variety, and health. it’s an odd jumble of things, but it gets the job done. i was thinking last night that i need to add another one. it’s as awkwardly-named as the rest, unfortunately, but it has to do with celebrating the good things in life.

over the past few months, i’ve celebrated:
– having lyme disease–with a party for 40 people. i stood on a chair and thanked God for a proper diagnosis and my community for their love
– getting laid off–with an unemployment dinner party. we had chicken tacos, a delicious quoinoia salad, salad, and delightful conversation (quinoia=couscous’s south american cousin)

so those are my dramatic examples. but i’ve been taking the time to celebrate little victories, too:
– a friend ordered for a reconditioned computer and apple accidentally sent her a new one.
– that same friend has been raising support to leave the country and do missions for the next 2 years. it’s been her lifelong dream and she just got to 80% of her funding.
– another friend got asked out by a Good man who she’d had a crush on.
– another is able to cut back her hours at her very stressful job to take care of herself and her unborn baby
– my roomate got a high score on her paper for law school
these are friends i’ve known for a little or long while who have things to celebrate and i’m committed to raising a glass, shrieking over the phone, going out to lunch and just taking the time to rejoice.

life is short and the kingdom is veiled from our eyes most of the time. we’re stumbling around in faith, trusting God that the end of the story is a comedy with a good, good end–despite the evidence to the contrary. we look through a glass darkly and see only glimmers of the patterns of redemption, then we’re pulled back to the mundane or the darkness. I’m committed to celebrating those flashes of good things with those who rejoice. will you join me?