first of all: the post i put up a week or so ago about my “new romance”–it’s fake.  if you roll over the name Russ, you’ll see that it’s a link to my antibiotic (Rocephin) which i take intravenously.  it’s quite clever if you have this in mind.  for all of you that i deceived, i’m sorry! i don’t have a real boyfriend!  i just wanted to re-frame my being tethered to the couch.

in other news,

  • i switched jobs last week.  got laid off of one (a shock) and took another in about 24 hours.  my new job is wonderful in big and small ways.
  • i also dyed my hair.  it’s lovely and dark and fallish
  • my insurance situation continues to be a mess.  because i was laid off, my insurance premiums have risen unexpectedly (yes, i’m taking COBRA)…however, my awesome host dad from last year is helping me write an appeal to the bureau of insurance to try to get my insurance to cover my treatment.  oy.
  • my halloween costume is gonna rock
  • I watched Helvetica this weekend. If you’re a type nerd (like me) and haven’t seen it yet, i’d strongly encourage you to bump it to the top of your netflix queue.
  • yesterday was chock full of redemption
  • i’m wearing my boots with the fur.  i’m not putting away my open-toed shoes yet, though.
  • listening to waterdeep’s You are So Good to Me which is (in my opinion) the best album of contemporary worship music