No, thanks.  I just read an article from Wired called Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004. The article encourages people to stop writing blogs and to just post videos and blurbs on facebook and twitter. ugh.

I’ve had a blog since fall 2004 and I really enjoy having a creative outlet. maybe other people don’t think in monologues, but I do, and I love being able to get the words just right in a forum other than my journal. I’ve thought about blogging a lot: is it inherently narcissistic? is it just adding to the noise and drivel on the internet? is it creating a false sense of knowing through an impersonal medium? hmm, maybe. and yet, here I am. I feel like there are too many things to be written about and I am glad that technology has given me the opportunity to post a few words in a place where dear friends can read them. Also, if I am adding to the noise and junk on the internet, I’d prefer to do it with complete sentences rather than with awkward fragments on Twitter.