i like country music. i’m a little ashamed to admit it because if you meet me in the right context, i can wow you with my indie cred. i like to be all arrogant about how the Photo Album is Death Cab’s best. i saw Sufjan Stevens at the pabst theater and cried. i can part my hair so it completely obscures one eye. hip. emo. whatever.

but i like country. a lot. my ipod got stolen a few weeks ago and i’ve been fairly content toggling between country, rock and mix radio, going really heavy on the country. i used to hate country and for a long time i was ashamed to be a farm girl. only recently have i come to realize what a rich heritage i have and contrary to what i thought growing up, an area with lots of [agri]culture. my distain for this twangy genre changed to respect one misty night in michigan when a dear friend introduced me to a dixie chicks song. i was hooked. now here i am, listening to pop country on the radio. i haven’t bought too much country and i barely know who are the artists i like, but i’m learning. a friend helped me to see that country songs are compelling because many of them tell a story. i’ve compiled here for your pop country education a short list of songs that are catchy, clever, and heartwarming: my favorite songs from the radio over the last year or so. most of them have links to youtube videos for simplicity but the videos are sometimes weird or cheesy or high school slideshows set to music, so for best results just open it in another tab and listen. I hope you enjoy these. I’m going to go put on some chucks and dark eyeliner now.

Where the Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw
Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean
International Harvester – Craig Morgan
Holler Back – The Lost Trailers
Baby Girl – Sugarland
Born to Fly – Sara Evans
Who I Am – Jessica Andrews
Bbq Stain – Tim McGraw
Cleaning this Gun – Rodney Atkins
Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks