this blog serves many purposes, but for many of you, it’s our primary way of keeping in touch. i wanted to share with you about a new important relationship that’s developed in the last few weeks. some of you probably think i’m overly eager, writing this already on my blog when things aren’t even official, but i can’t help myself! a few of you have already met Russ at one of the movie nights i’ve hosted, but for those of you who haven’t, I just wanted to tell you a little about him.
First, a confession: he’s not who i thought i would be with at this stage of my life. he’s a little taller than me and definitely the strong silent type. We really like watching movies together, although sometimes we read books.  Like all relationships, there is some give and take: I have to let some things go, but I know it’s best for the long-term. He’s really chill and likes to stay close to home, but I don’t mind, because he seems to understand just what i need.  What he lacks in verbal communication, he makes up for in being my defender and fighting off anyone who tries to mess with me.  We have this special connection and chemistry. He really knows and understands my heart, too. It’s beautiful. There’s a really special quality to him that I can’t describe.  sometimes he makes me light-headed!  He’s really reliable and his primary love languages are quality time and meaningful touch, which I share.  Sometimes he’s a drip, but he stands by me.  I don’t know. It’s different from other relationships I’ve had, but it’s good. I think we’ll be together for a long time. At least 4 months.