I felt really nostalgic driving to work this morning. It was the first time I’ve driven my whole commute with the heat on. I thought back through the last few years and where I’ve been in life as October has come and gone.

2008: Living in NoVA, working as a graphic designer, living with two lovely friends, enjoying my church, involved with crosstrainers, surrounded by awesome friends, and doing really intensive IV treatment for Lyme disease which really cuts down on my social life. I’m grateful every day for my diagnosis, but man, am I tired. [soundtrack: pop country radio, Corban’s indie pandora station, hair: long and heavily highlighted blond]

2007: Living in Potomac, MD with a host family as part of a fellows program. confused by an odd cluster of neurological symptoms. enjoying the program and my new friends, but getting lost often and feeling like DC is kicking my butt. also, making road trips to visit friends in VA beach and Philly. [soundtrack: Indelible Grace 2 and 4, India.Arie; hair: longish and dark brown]

2006: Living in Madison, WI with a host family and working at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a graphic designer on the Urbana campaign doing displays, designing hoodies. cooking a lot of tasty food, scrapbooking, walking around my nice suburban neighborhood, enjoying friends and good food (cheese curds, custard) in the city, involved with Bread of Life Anglican Church. Really happy. had a great visit and a fun camping trip in GA. [soundtrack: Regina Spektor, Godspell soundtrack; hair: long/medium and highlighted]

2005: Living in Dayton, OH with my parents, working as a waitress and taking web design classes at community college. Involved with Christ the King REC and participating in their Iconography discussion nights. Met Marcy for dinner and we bought matching corduroy blazers. Had 3 roadtrip/visits to/from Pittsburgh. [soundtrack: Steven Delopoulos’ Me Died Blue, Beta Band, Switchfoot’s Learning to Breathe; Waterdeep, hair: medium and reddish-brown]

2004: Living in Hillsdale, MI as a senior in college. my Aesthetics class started meeting inside after being held on the quad as long as the weather would allow. I was living with Marcy in Whitley, taking voice lessons, memorizing poetry for Cuneo’s survey class and designing my scripture squares while working at the graphics lab. going to parties at the Bench, researching the Hagia Sophia. saying goodbye to my sister who left for Egypt the first week in October. [soundtrack: Vigilantes of Love, OtR Live at Canal Street; hair: really short and blond, then dyed dark brown in Nov when everybody confused Trin & I]

hmm, variety really is a governing value of mine. life has changed a lot over the last 4 years. I like change, but I think being settled for a while would probably be a good thing. Maybe that’s why I’m tethered to an IV bag 4 nights a week. to teach me to sit still? i don’t know. thanks for taking this trip with me down memory lane.