well, i saw it. i wanted to see it in theaters at the beginning of the summer, but i didn’t have a willing accomplice and i knew all that sex would be bad for me–i figured watching it at home i’d be more able to flip through the bad scenes.

first: things I liked. it was great to see all of those clothes. also, there was a fantastic exchange between Carrie and Miranda:
M: Why did you flip through the Vogue–today of all days?
C: Because I’m an emotional cutter.


As for the movie overall, I’m a little cheesed off. I had ill-defined expectations, so I can’t say it was or wasn’t what I had in mind.

*plot spoiler ahead*
Stupid Thing #1: At the end of the movie, when all the stuff is said and done, Carrie got both her feminist i-can-make-it-on-my-own-and-don’t-need-no-man ending as well as her fairy tale one. she got the romantic proposal on one knee and the resolution that she didn’t need marriage–that she was just fine without it. it makes me sad, really. Stupid Thing #2: Carrie’s advice to Miranda to not use logic and instead to get back with her husband based on emotions? really sad. Stupid Thing #3: Samantha decides that her relationship with her man (who was the most unbelievable character of all) is not worth any sacrifice or giving up any of her time and energy. it’s like commitment is not really an option, except for charlotte, who walks the line and gets everything she wanted and she’s even happy all the time. i guess that’s the theme of the movie: do what makes you happy. buy designer shoes, have sex with who you want, forgive when it’s convenient, marry if you want–but don’t make a big deal out of it. i sound like a slamming writer from focus on the family. guh.

I can’t criticize Carrie too much. I enjoy the show in spite of my values [it was my guilty pleasure when I lived in Madison to watch it on weeknights]. I mean, look at me, right now, i’m writing monologues about my relationships and just today i bought a new pair of shoes (my shoe spending threshold is around $30, not $700), but, man, i wish she was giving a little more hope. i feel bummed out after watching this movie. it had a feel-good ending with India.Arie and everyone getting what they wanted, but I feel like it’s not really believable. Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie are now all happily married and samantha is happily promiscuous–at 50. where will they be in another 10 years? it’s just not sustainable, especially with vows like, “I will love you”–what does that even mean?

i was talking to my friend (the DC-is-a-dude revelation friend) and she said, “I just wish there could be a show with 4 women who go out to eat and talk about relationships according to what the Bible says. it would be a great way to absorb truth” i guess i’m longing for some good art that is compelling and speaks the truest truths of the universe in a language we can all understand. I want romantic comedy that’s good for the heart. I mean, romance is at its core the story of the gospel and commitment speaks of God’s love for his bride. It’s not bad to want a good love story. I just want one that’s sustainable, good for the soul, and reflects real love. Any ideas? I’m going to go to bed now and I’ll wear my new shoes tomorrow.

thanks to SG for most of the good ideas in this post.