all the sudden, i’m a lyme activist.  i’m stuck between two sides of a chasm of differing ideas about testing, progression, and treatment.  it’s wild.  on the one side is the ISDA and CDC who believe that Lyme disease is not a big deal, can be treated with 4 weeks of oral antibiotics and has no long-lasting late chronic consequences.  On the other side is ILADS who believe that Lyme as a persistent chronic infection with neurological consequences that must be treated with months of aggressive antibiotic therapy.  i am now an activist because my insurance completely denied my claim for treatment and are not even covering the obligatory 4 weeks. i’m shocked and have shifted my battle from the bacteria alone to the bacteria and my insurance company, the current CDC standards for testing and treatment, and people who “don’t believe” in late chronic lyme despite evidence to the contrary.

i’m totally being erin brockovich.  i called the local news, i called 2 representatives (my district and the adjoining one, who is a lyme sympathizer), one state rep, my senator and i’ve called insurance 3 times and my doctor has had 2 peer-to-peer reviews with my insurance.  it’s crazy.