oh life! in a shocking turn of events, it turns out that i don’t have MS, I have Lyme Disease. What?

Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are. I’m also really excited because Lyme (even in its chronic stages of spinal cord degeneration) is treatable. For a whole lot of information, check out this page. for a really creepy introduction to chronic lyme misdanosies, watch this movie trailer.

there’s a lot i could say. i’m really grateful that i was led to this doctor who found Lyme where other doctors have missed it. i’m really glad i was on this crazy anti-yeast diet because yeast is often a contributing factor to Lyme.  i’m really grateful i didn’t take steroids when everyone said i should:

“Another critical point that needs to be highlighted is that Lyme ignorant physicians often administer medication that is contraindicated in patients with Lyme disease. The therapy most often prescribed that is extremely contraindicated is the use of steroidal anti-inflammatories; usually the glucocorticosteroids (such as prednisone). Lyme patients suffer with many painful inflammatory symptoms. MDs, not knowing that the patient has Lyme disease, think it is appropriate to treat these patients with steroids to reduce the pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, steroidal therapy is very deleterious to Lyme patients because it suppresses the patient’s immune system causing it to tolerate the presence of Borrelia instead of attacking and killing it. This harmful treatment significantly diminishes the prognosis of Lyme patients; it prolongs the course of the disease and makes it more severe in the long run.”

i’m just grateful to be on the path towards healing. thank you all for being my friends through this.  now, go eat some venison and eat some limes in celebration of my better-than-MS diagnosis.  and thank God with me.