tomorrow i start my new job. i was “unemployed” for 10 weeks. during that time I:
– had 8 formal interviews
– worked one part-time design job in Roslyn formatting research, another at a seminary in McLean, another creating identities and billboards with a small design firm in Reston.
– did 15 hyperbaric oxygen treatments
– completed 4 freelance design projects (a brochure, a t-shirt, a form, a wedding liturgy booklet)
– went to 4 different doctors (at least once)
– flew home for 12 days
– spent a day or more in: North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
– ate indian food in: Falls Church, Philadelphia, and Chicago (with most of my favorite people)
– attended a wide variety of churches including: Anglican, Methodist, Bretheren, Presbyterian, and non-denom
– went on/to 2 real dates, 9 lunch/breakfast date-meetings, 3 parties, and one hipster club
– had a major flare-up and relapse of symptoms
– called home crying every day for about 3 weeks
– spent quality time with my sister, mom, dad, extended family, Talitha, Bridget, Leah, Anna, and my dear friends here
– got 4 job offers, worked one temporarily and have another for nights & weekends and accepted the one with the salary and benefits.

it’s been a wild ride. i really thought each week that that would be my last week of uncertainty and that any second now i’d be getting a job. i feel ready now to start working: my health is mostly back to “normal,” i got to see my family, i feel more at peace. we’ll see.