yesterday as i was driving through maryland, i decided to write another small blog post that said something about how no men want to commit anymore and how none of my friends will ever get married. then i had a chat with Bridget where she referenced an article by the woman who wrote about the global SYF movement. That article was truly fascinating because it described the life that i and my single friends are living and linked us to women across the world. Well, she’s done it again. With great humor and insight, she’s put her finger on the pulse of changing American culture and young men in particular. Apparently, it’s not just my friends and I (and Carrie Bradshaw) who ware whining about men–it’s an epidemic. Cleverly titled Child-Man in the Promised Land, this article is fascinating. it addresses all our favorite sources of discontent: why men don’t grow up and refuse to commit, why they play video games and indulge in other media, and the general cultural shifts that have made all this possible. I think her theories about what has gone awry are a little weak and there are much bigger factors, but I still enjoyed what she had to say. take some time to read it and tell me what you think.