really.  this was with an old crusty native of my hometown that I chatted with while we were purchasing things at a local boutique (I for myself; he for his wife).

“so you grew up here, but you’re living in Washington DC now?”
“i’ve had a few chances to leave Darke County, but I didn’t take them!  They wouldda paid a lot more money!  There was even one offer to help run a new business in Los Angeles!”
“you might’ve made more money there, but everything’s more expensive, too, so you probably made the right choice”
“damn straight.  if i moved my house from here to LA, it would probably be worth 2 million dollars.  and I’ll tell you what: it’s not worth that much here!”
“i think it’s good to stick around home.  stay with your family, put down roots.  and Darke County’s not bad.  Well, take care.”
“you too.  and I tell ya, you get those people in Warshington DC to straighten this country out!”
“I will.  I’ll deliver a little midwestern common sense to them”
“you do that.  good luck!”