Dear Amy,
Thanks for your concern and encouragement. In response to your earlier letter, you’re right, we have been eating your protective myelin sheath. We know it’s causing inflammation and pain, but we’re convinced there’s been a major breach of security in your cerebrospinal fluid, and we’re doing our best to correct the problem. We suspect there’s been an invader that our security forces have identified as candida albicans [later edit:and borrelia burgdorferi, commonly known as Lyme disease]  but we’re not sure because it changes identities by showing different receptors to our gatekeepers. As far as clearing up the misunderstanding, we’d like you to go on a strict diet and make sure to take supplements things to kill the invader. Once it is starved through diet and decimated with supplements, we’ll take it from there and will stop the high level of security, therefore lessening the inflammation. Thank you for your cooperation on this very important matter.
Your T-Cells, CSF special forces