yesterday, i was really sad and freaking out and i wrote a blog post in my head that said this:

“Hello, you’ve reached Amy’s Drama Hotline.
Press 1 to hear about my emotional angst.
Press 2 for information on my current career disappointments
Press 3 to hear about my deteriorating health…or just stay on the line to hear me scream.”

But, besides being overly dramatic and slightly inaccurate, that’s just cynical and I am not a cynic at heart. And besides, i’m not an orphan, i’m a daughter, dammit.

So, without further ado, an Amy update:


hot dressI have 2 fabulous job offers!
The Dress (at left) I’ve been eying at Mango for months just went on sale and I bought it!
My hands are working better!
I have 2 delightful roomates and a beautiful apartment that is dangerously close to Baja Fresh!
I have a lovely teal comforter and fabulous brown toss pillows on my bed!
I’m not working at the job with the imprisoned rubber ducky!
I’m going home to see my parents and my sister!
My dead GPS was resurrected by charging it in my computer (with my rad y-splitter usb cable)!
I bought some crunchy mustard and made delicious egg salad!
I get to watch Disney movies in the hyperbaric chamber with 5-year old autistic kids!

that’s my exciting silver-lined news. can’t beat it with a stick. God is good; He’s taking care of me.