go ahead, add me to white whine. today was a little rough.

i’m short, right, i mean, petite, so the world is a little too big for me. specifically, my suit pants which i never got hemmed are a little too long, so my heels are a little too high. they’re a little high, but my feet also don’t fit quite right so my feet slip in them, just a teeny bit, so i have those gripper gel things, but today they got all bunched up in my toes.

my portfolio is also just a little too big so that when i put the shoulder strap on or carry the handle at arms’ length, my precious 16×20 presentation boards brush the ground. so i have to have my arm curled just slightly.

also, today it was sunny and hot. and my cheap (free) black sunglasses fit well except for when i have a little perspiration, then they slide down my nose. today they threatened to slide off my face. i stopped them with the hand that wasn’t grasping my portfolio.

that hand was often full of my wallet, carried in to my interviews without a purse because a purse is too much to manage just in case the application asks for my drivers’ license number and because i was metroing and needed my card.

so there we have it. too tall slippy shoes, too big portfolio sliding sunglasses, an overstuffed wallet and some perspiration just to make things interesting and stuffy inside my tailored grey suit.

i was going to write a poem. instead, i just whined in prose. too bad. it could’ve been a real winner.

both interviews went well.