the last few days have had some really lovely bits. allow me to share:

  • fabulous class on friday. honesty, true dialogue, prayer, even healing
  • baja fresh. the best fast food franchise on the planet.
  • hiking difficult run. even in plastic shoes.
  • sunshine over warm rocks.
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • ravioli
  • feline disaster averted
  • more sunshine
  • a call from a dear friend in wisconsin
  • fabulous hommus with a fellow fellow
  • discussing calling, gifting, plans for next year
  • prayer with a new friend and an amazing gift
  • champaigne brunch
  • amazing pan asian cuisine (no MSG, though, so my stomach lining is fine)
  • boondock saints
  • a conversation about being punks in junior high
  • catch phrase and other games
  • elevation burgers
  • lots of green
  • brogue
  • rest

wow, i wrote a lot about food.  well, that made this weekend great, but really it was the people with whom I enjoyed the food and the accompanying conversation that made the last few days so fabulous.  and the sunshine.  gosh, the light and [occasional] heat from the sun is doing wonders for my mood.  have a happy last 30 mins of st. patty’s day!