you probably know about all this stuff, but i’m going to share it anyway:

  • pandora. internet radio. plug in a few favorite artists and watch it spin a playlist for you. you can also pass on your playlists to your friends so they can enjoy your unique taste, too.i like to think about all the people who have provided feedback on specific songs that allows these different artists to be grouped together. it’s kinda cool.
  • bloglines. RSS feeds are really stinkin’ simple and bloglines makes it so easy. just go to this site, register w an email address and plug in your blogs, news sites, etc. to have everything in one place. it’s the very best way to track people and ideas.
  • librivox. Free–that’s right, free–audiobooks. all sorts of great classics, from James Joyce to TS Eliot to Beowulf. Poetry, novels, all sorts of great stuff. I’ve downloaded a few books and have favorite chapters lingering on my ipod. check out the selection and then listen the next time you’re cleaning your room or organizing your sock drawer.
  • linkedin. linkedin is a social networking site for careers. you can search for people you went to school with and worked with and then they become part of your network, then you can see their network. you can post your work history and even give other people public recommendations for their work. it’s really cool and a great way to not lose track of coworkers and business friends.

all cool stuff.  let me know what you like and use!