souredough.jpgi’m a foodie. i’m half italian. i love to cook. i love to eat. i think my spice cabinet is just about as exciting as my box of paints. because of this love affair with food, this diet i’m on has been a little tricky, but i wanted to share something that’s gotten me through, just in case there are any other gluten-avoiders out there.

presenting wasa rye crispbread! these crackers don’t really taste good, but they don’t taste bad, either. they’re crispbread–no frills. made with just grain, water & yeast and a bit of salt. the main thing is that they’re a vehicle for tasty things. i just had a few tonight with lox, cream cheese & capers. i’ve had them with olive oil and parmesan cheese. they’re good with cheese melted, or just with olive oil and a little cracked pepper.

also, they’re made of whole grain and are only 35 calories per cracker.

have you found any other gluten-free foods that taste good?