i really love to cook. i’m living with a host family for this chapter of my life, so i don’t have full control over a kitchen, but i’m using one afternoon a week to make a few dishes to last me for the few meals i eat here.

i’m more of a savory than sweet cook. i prefer a real meal over a dessert, therefore, this is my opinion about the most important ingredients:

fresh garlic. do you know how awesome fresh garlic is? it is packed with antioxidants and it is antibacterial and antifungal. on top of that, it tastes amazing. most of the things i make start with garlic

good olive oil. i’m of the persuasion that not all fats are created equal.Β  i believe that fat from real foods is always better than fake hydrogenated junk which is so pervasive. i cook with olive oil (the stuff in the dark bottle) and i use organic first cold pressed olive oil on my crackers and in my dressing. there are few things more tasty than great olive oil and a little salt

fresh cracked assorted pepper. i really like when you can twist the grinder and flecks of different color and size come out. it’s an aesthetic experience

cage free organic eggs. yeah, i know they’re expensive, but it’s worth it. do you know what the lives of commercially farmed egg-laying chickens are like? they’re nasty, brutish and short. seriously, though, they live in tiny cages under flourescent lights to increase egg production, then they die of exhaustion. it’s really sad and unhealthy. look for eggs that are free range and have bright orange yokes from the beta carotene.

crunchy mustard. i used to hate mustard, but then i went to ireland and had wholegrain mustard on my sandwich. i highly recommend the brownish kind with texture. plus, you can be encouraged by how little faith you need to move a mountain every time you take a bite of your sandwich.

lemon juice. the real stuf, squeezed from a lemon. it takes longer, but it tastes so much better than the stuff from the plastic lemon. microwaving a lemon for 10 seconds and using a spoon makes the task a lot easier. lemon juice is great in marinades, lentil soups, and fresh hummus.

there are more. pink lady apples. fresh avocados, organic grape tomatoes, good cheese, real chicken broth, olives, etc. i love food. when i was a little kid and eating tuna salad with my mom in the sunshine, she said to me, “you know, God could have given us little pills to eat 3 times a day to stay alive, but instead he gave us all this different delicious food!” it’s so true. taste and see that the Lord is good.