all day i’ve been searching for the right music. i started it out with a worship mix that was heavy on the waterdeep…then to waterdeep’s newest album, heart attack time machine. mountain goats? no, still not it. so then i decided to rip a cross movement cd. hip hop wasn’t the right fit, either.

tonight, i came home after a grueling 🙂 day and saw a friend’s away message which had lyrics from the transfiguration. ahh, yes, live sufjan. perfect. i just finished majesty snowbird and i really love this guy! i know everybody else does, too. and i can’t claim that i knew him before you, because i found out about the same time or a little later. oh well. sufjan hits the spot.

i really think that some music just doesn’t work right because of the frequencies our bodies have. like, even on a cellular level. i don’t have anything to back that up, it’s just what i think.