It’s the best job. Everyone wishes they could be more creative. I get paid to be creative. I spent this morning at a local nonprofit/ministry teaching a small team of people how to use InDesign. This afternoon, I came to work and finished a student handbook, tweaked a few logos, created an emailable flier and am now creating a collage of portraits for a brochure.

Also, I’m using CS3 and it ROCKS. When it came out, I refused to look at the demos of what it could do because I knew I couldn’t afford it and I didn’t need to lust after more software. So my boss bought me CS3 because CS2 is eerily missing from every retailer on the web. Holy crap. New curves is amazing. The quick selection tool?! What about the way the palettes tuck in all nicely in InDesign? it’s lovely. I’m so pleased.

It’s great.