I receive a monthly email from myfonts.com, a website with an amazing array of beautiful fonts available for preview and download. This is the opening paragraph:

“They say that people don’t know how to write anymore. All we do is hit keys, composing even our most intimate messages on electronic devices. So people the world over are looking for digital type that will convey a human touch, a sense of hand-made authenticity. The MyFonts Best Seller list speaks volumes. Each of our amazingly popular script fonts, whether wild, cute or formal, seems to shout (or whisper): “Look at me, I’m a person! I’m talking to you, another person!” Scripts are a great way of carving out own your individual look with digital means. But frankly, you’re never too old to finally take that calligraphy course.”

Brilliant ad copy and good point! Casual script fonts have become so popular recently and I think this is why.

Edit: I just got another email from MyFonts which continues with the same line of thought. From the creator of Cezanne and many other fonts at P22 type foundry:

Why are scripts so popular? I still think part of it is the backlash against technology. The ability to be geometric and perfect is still dehumanizing to many. The natural or flawed script fonts evoke a real human element. Very few people can actually write like these fonts, so to some it is also an aspiration to have such writing oneself.

maybe that’s it. i really like typography–maybe it’s because i find my own handwriting, you may say, unsatisfactory.