Kip and I agree: technology is great–always and forever.
If i were a poet, I’d write an ode to my GPS, but I’m not so I’ll just tell you a little bit about our special relationship. Several months ago, I moved to Washington DC, one of the most difficult places to drive. There are highways, parkways, tollways, highways that become HOV-only at certain times of day, there are 2 states to navigate and one district, a river, ghettos to avoid, etc. I went to a get-together a few months ago in Alexandria and wound up taking a midnight tour of Anacostia which was absolutely terrifying. My parents decided to intervene and get me a GPS, one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I was too proud at first and wanted to learn the city myself and reconcile the map in my head with the atlas on my lap while I merged onto unmarked highways in the dark. I got over that pretty fast.

Anyway, I named my GPS Chezmerelda in honor of Strongbad. She has been a life-saver (literally, no more unexpected tours of Anacostia). Like tonight, she helped me figure out which exit to take off of the highway to get on the GW Parkway which wasn’t marked til I had chosen it like 4 times. AND she helped me stay on it as the exits wildly veered off to the left with those deceptive little brown signs. I was so happy. I mean, I got home from Alexandria tonight in just 30 mins.

In conclusion, don’t be too proud to get a GPS.

Edit: they’re cheaper at