there is no sludge theory.  i just made that up because it sounds cool and gross.

autoimmune diseases are called such because no etiology can be found, so it is assumed that the problem is the body attacking itself. i was talking with a nurse friend about the issue and she said there’s always a cause for why the body’s immune system would start attacking itself. i mean, honestly, why should my friendly T-cells start eating the myelin off the nerves in my brain? she asked the same question with a poignant metaphor: “why would i shoot one of my kids? there has to be a reason. maybe i heard someone breaking and entering and in defense, i shot the intruder, but my child was in the way. there’s always a cause.”

there has been evidence that MS is often preceeded by the epstein-barr virus, intense stress, and minor spinal cord or brain injuries like whiplash, but nothing conclusive.

in my research on MS, i came across several theories for what causes the disease. i discovered this same concept in several sources and find it very compelling. here is a fascinating article on how autoimmune disease can start with poor digestion. his thesis is that your undigested food forms a sludge that goes into other parts of your body, causing your immune system to freak out. i know, it’s gross, but it will make you want to chew more and take probiotics. awesome.

definitely give it a read and tell me what you think.

[psst: talitha and stephanie, this is the one i was talking about!]