lately I’ve been asking all sorts of questions about rest. God mandated a sabbath day–one day out of 7 to rest from all work. He promises internal peace despite external pressures. how much work/productivity does He require of me personally and how much of my stress is caused by my own expectations? how much internal & external stress can my body handle? right now, my immune system is freaking out, so i need to decrease stress as much as possible, but what exactly does that mean in a culture of hurry and overload?

i’m reading the above sweet book and would recommend it to all of you.  Richard Swenson is an MD who claims that the primary problem with all of us is living on overload.  he advocates a return to margins and physical, emotional & spiritual rest in order to restore balance and reduce pain.  i’m about halfway through the book and i’m really enjoying it.

i’ve been thinking about DC.  living here reminds me of being in an airport. the feeling in the air is hurried and stressed and it seems like most people are elbowing their way to the top, acquiring, progressing, gaining, but not able to maintain. workaholism is normal and expected.  i think the only thing that can’t be easily obtained here is rest.

because of my physical condition, i’ve made it a priority to take a true sabbath and to create nice wide margins in my schedule and my mind.  i think that carving out time to rest and space to live a low-stress life is possible here, but will be a challenge.  it’s a little like trying to have good posture when sitting on a stool. it’s good for you and will ultimately make you stronger, but not easy.

what are your thoughts on rest and overload?