i got diagnosed with MS several weeks ago after extensive testing (including MRI’s and a spinal tap) and strange neurological symptoms.  it’s been a real shock, but also an amazing journey that i hope to write more about here.  a few people have asked me what i’ve been taking to restore balance and health to my body, so i decided to post it here.
multivitamin (eniva’s vibe)
megadoses of D3,
buffered C,
weekly B12 injections
Ambotrose glyconutrients (Mannatech)
Krill/Cod liver oil
probiotics + digestive enzymes + beneficial yeast
Plus endocrine support (Mannatech)
Brain Sustain (NeuroActives: Co-Q10, Alpha Lipoic acid, ginko bilboa, amino acids, phosphatidylserine)

I can tell you why I’m takin each of these.  maybe i’ll go back through and explain the reasons