i just watched erin brockovich the other night. i didn’t see it when it came out and really had no clue what it was about–just that julia roberts’ bras showed a lot. it was interesting and at times a heartwarming story, but…

i was really disturbed at the message it sent about being a mother. the movie spent a lot of time in the beginning setting up her desperate situation at having to go to work and leave her kids with a stranger, but then as the movie went on, she was pained by her decision to leave them, but kept insisting that she didn’t have a choice. at one point in the movie, i picked up that 18 months had elapsed with her job and her kids were starting to get angry at her. the most disturbing scene was when her little boy who was probably 8 understood that it was more important for his mom to help other kids than to be present for him. i mean, it was touching, but totally unrealistic. kids feel loved by having time spent with them and love invested consistently and no cognitive understanding of who mommy is helping will make that deficit better.

there were a few other things i didn’t like, mainly her relationship with the neighbor-boyfriend. i mean, i can’t come down too hard on her character because i know she was in a really awful situation, but i just didn’t like the way the movie made a virtue out of her pushing her children aside. they’re not going to grow up and be glad that their mom wasn’t present for 2 or more years of their life, even if they know it was for a good cause.